Buying Your First E-Cig

ecigTechnology is advancing daily at an incredible rate. These advances have made our lives more efficient, saved us money and also improved our health. Nothing could be a better example of this than the ground breaking technology of the E-Cig.

The E Cig, or E-Cigarette, is a device which appears on the surface identical to regular cigarettes but in actuality contains a micro electronic control system that delivers a precise amount of nicotine to the user. The best part is that there is absolutely no smoke given off by the electronic cigarette making it a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

When you buy smokeless cigarettes, they come in 2 basic styles: The PCC (Personal Charging Case) and the Standard Starter Kit. Both have advantages so here we’ll discuss what makes them each unique.

E Cig Starter KitStarter Kit

The starter kit is exactly what it sounds like. It will contain everything you need to get started vaping with the E Cig. Starter kits from different manufacturers will contain different accessories but the most common pieces included are the battery, atomizer, cartridges and wall charger. Upper end kits may also contain car chargers, USB chargers, extra batteries or atomizers and extra e-liquid.

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Electronic Cigarette PCCPCC – Personal Charging Case

The PCC is a small case about the size of a cigarette pack conveniently designed to carry your e cig, extra batteries and extra cartridges. It not only acts as a carrying case but also a pocket sized battery charger. Most styles let you charge a battery while using another keeping you fully charged ALL DAY LONG. The PCC is especially convenient for heavy users or if you will be away from a charging outlet for long periods of time. Upper end models even have digital readouts of remaining battery life.

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